Research & Advisory

Crystal Palace Real Estate has the experience and expertise required to ensure our clients make data-backed investment decisions to maximize their returns. Our research and advisory services cover the following:

  • Investment Advisory & Portfolio Evaluation
  • Economic and Industry Developments and Trends
  • Market Research Studies (Macro Level)
  • Marketing Research Studies (Project-Specific)
  • Research Auditing

Property Asset Management

With more than 500 properties with a value of more than AED 1 Billion in our property management portfolio, Crystal Palace Real Estate has pioneered effective property and asset management processes to ensure our clients can rest assured that their investments are in the right hands. We work to ensure assets under our management generate optimal cash flow and capital appreciation to maximize returns for our investors.

Marketing, Sales & Rental

Crystal Palace Real Estate has been a leader in the Dubai real estate industry thanks to its innovative sales, marketing, and leasing strategies. We take a dynamic approach to these services by using the latest technology to pinpoint and target our audience with relevant information based on their interests, demographics, and investment goals. From a single studio to multiple floors or even full buildings, we have a proven track record of successfully completing complex deals in a timely manner.

CRM, Handover & Project Management

One of the most overlooked aspect in today’s real estate market is effective customer relationship management, handover, and project management. To ensure our clients are well-informed and up to date on the latest developments in the real estate industry, we offer a full-service CRM solution for developers that require world-class customer service in line with the top industry standards. We also provide handover and project management services to help developers better understand client requirements during the development cycle from a unique perspective.

Snagging & Inspection

At Crystal Palace Real Estate, we focus on every detail to ensure our clients receive the best quality asset regardless of their budget. In line with the highest international standards of property inspection and snagging, our team of qualified licensed professionals provides in-depth snagging and inspection services for any type of property to ensure assets under our management are delivered in the highest condition.